Have you ever thought of becoming a lifeguard?

Do you want a job that is always different every day with the flexibility to fit around your life?
By becoming an RLSS trained lifeguard you could have all this and more, the possibilities are endless. 
Ipswich Fit offer National Lifeguard Qualifications which provide all of the training to become a fully qualified RLSS lifeguard within a fun a friendly environment. 

The NPLQ covers all elements of Pool Rescue Techniques, Lifeguarding Theory, First aid, and CPR. The course is physically demanding and will include swimming to set times, lifting casualties and diving to the deepest part of the swimming pool. Training and assessment for the NPLQ is in three sections and all must be successfully passed to attain the qualification.

The Course takes place over 5 days and covers 3 sections:
Section 1 – The Lifeguard and the Law, Swimming Pool Supervision
Section 2 – Intervention and Rescue and Emergency Action Plans
Section 3 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, AED and First Aid


Every candidate attending an NPLQ course must be at least 16 years old at the time of taking the NPLQ final assessment and be able to:

  • Jump/dive into deep water
  • Swim 50 metres in less than 60 seconds
  • Swim 100 metres continuously on front and back in deep water
  • Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Surface dive to the floor of the pool
  • Climb out unaided without ladder/steps and where the pool design permits.

Assessment for the NPLQ takes place at the end of the course. It determines your knowledge and understanding of the principles of working as a pool lifeguard and assesses your ability to apply the skills and knowledge in a work-related environment.

Upon qualifying with the NPLQ, the certificate is valid for two years from the date of successful completion.


Standard NPLQ: £265.00
NPLQ with Emergency First Aid at Work: £270.00

How to book

For further information or to book onto the course please call 01473 433655 or Email trainingcourses@ipswich.gov.uk

Available Courses

No course dates currently available.

Katie’s Story

Since a young age I have always wanted to work with people and as a keen, competitive swimmer, being a lifeguard was always my dream. When I turned 16-years-old I followed that dream and completed RLSS UK’s National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ). Before completing the lifeguard qualification, I had the expectations of rocking the yellow and red uniform, sitting on the chair watching over the pool and master the skill of the whistle spin. Following the course, lifeguarding is way more than what I thought it was – for all the right reasons. Here’s why I love being a lifeguard:

You have the best co-workers
Lifeguarding is not a lonely job. You always lifeguard in groups ranging from three to eight (it just depends on the size of the pool) and, this is very cliché of me to say, but you become a family. I have made some lifelong friends working as a lifeguard. What’s better than working with your friends?

You are in charge of when you work
Being a lifeguard is extremely flexible. I am currently studying to become a primary school teacher and being a lifeguard allows me to study and work at the same time. Leisure centres are normally open from 7 am to 10 pm each day including weekends, so finding a time to work that suits you is easy.

No day is the same 
Who fancies a job that’s repetitive? I know I don’t. Every day is different and that’s what I love about being a lifeguard. No day is the same and each day comes with new challenges, meeting new people and lots of fun.

See the world
RLSS UK’s National Pool Lifeguard Qualification is internationally recognised, which means you can travel and keep working as a pool lifeguard around the world!

You’ll learn CPR and First Aid
During the lifeguard training, you have to learn CPR and First Aid. CPR and First Aid are great skills to have under your belt and ones you can put on your CV! These are also essential life skills that may come in handy possibly be needed to save someone’s life.

Meeting new people
The main benefit to being a pool lifeguard is you always meet new people, from fellow lifeguards to customers. Lifeguards provide an amazing public service and you make people feel confident and safe within the swimming pool environment, people respect you for this.

Foundation to a career in the leisure industry
Being a pool lifeguard offers a fantastic foundation to a career in the leisure industry. I am already a swimming teacher and a receptionist. Many senior managers within the leisure industry start lifeguarding at their local pools.


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