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Your online portal for bookings, memberships, and more.


Your online portal for bookings, memberships, and more.

We are excited to launch our brand-new system – myIpswichFit

myIpswichFit is your new one-stop-shop for bookings, memberships, payments and much more. Our new online system will provide our members with easy access to their IpswichFit account, with all of the great benefits below:

  • Book activities online faster and easier than before
  • Manage your membership and personal details
  • View your payments and receipts
  • Pay outstanding debts
  • Manage your bookings easily

Find out below how you can register and join myIpswichFit today!

Existing iCard holder

If you already have an iCard with us, regardless of whether you pay monthly or pay-per-visit, all you need is your:
– iCard number
– Date of Birth
– Email address
Create your myIpswichFit account today.

*Please note, you will need a valid email address associated with your iCard. If you need to change your email address before registering, please Contact Us.

New to Ipswich Fit?

If you don’t have an iCard with us, you can register as a New Member with myIpswichFit. Just complete the registration form below.

Once registered You will automatically be issued a free Booking Card membership which you can use to access our facilities on a pay-per-session basis. If you would like to convert this to one of our monthly or concession options, please go to ‘purchase membership’ on the members’ homepage once logged in to myIpswichFit.

Frequently asked questions

Our FAQs are the quickest way to find answers to your questions.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Contact us using our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is myIpswichFit?

myIpswichFit is our new online system, providing a user-friendly one-stop-shop for managing your bookings, memberships, and more. 

I already use Online Booking. Will I need to re-register?

All existing iCard holders will need to register for myIpswichFit, regardless of whether you’re already registered for online booking. The registration process is simple and should only take a couple of minutes. You will only need your iCard Number, Date of Birth, and email address. You can register here

Please note, the email address you use must match the email address we have on your iCard account, and you can only use an email address for one myIpswichFit account (for example, you and your partner/child will need to use separate email addresses if you both wish to use myIpswichFit) 

If you believe we have an incorrect email address on your iCard account, or none at all, you can update this by completing our online enquiry form (www.ipswichfit.co.uk/contact-us) with details of your new email address. We will then confirm once your account is updated and ready to be registered with myIpswichFit. 

I'm new to Ipswich Fit. How do I register for myIpswichFit?

If you don’t currently have an iCard with us, you can register through myIpswichFit here.

It’s simple to do – all you need is your personal details including an email address. 

You will automatically be issued a free Booking Card membership which you can use to access our facilities on a pay-per-session basis. If you would like to convert this to one of our monthly or concession options, please go to ‘purchase membership’ on the members’ homepage once logged in to myIpswichFit.

I'm trying to register for myIpswichFit as an existing iCard holder, but it doesn't recognise my details. How do I solve this?

To register for myIpswichFit as an existing iCard holder you will need your iCard number and your Date of Birth. If you don’t have your iCard number, or the system does not recognise the details you’re inputtingplease contact us here – www.ipswichfit.co.uk/contact-us – a member of our team will then assist you.  

I want to pay-per-session and I am not eligible for a concession membership. What membership option do I choose?

Upon registration to myIpswichFit all users are automatically issued a Booking iCard, giving you access to our facilities on a pay-per-session basis. If this is the membership type you require, you do not need to do anything more and you are ready to book your activities.  

Select ‘Purchase Membership’ on the Members Homepage if you wish to change or upgrade your membership. 

I want to change my membership. Can I do this on myIpswichFit?

Yes – just log in and select ‘Purchase Membership’, then select your chosen membership type. 

Can I book my partner/child onto activities using myIpswichFit?

Each member will need their own myIpswichFit account to be able to book their activities. Please note each email address can only be registered once with myIpswichFit, so each individual user will need their own email address.  

If you partner/child does not have an iCard they can register as a new user here. If they’re an existing iCard holder they can register using their Date of Birth and iCard Number here.

Can I update my details on myIpswichFit?

Yes, you can update your details on the Members homepage by going to ‘Manage My Details’. 

Can I change my Email address?

Yes – you can change your email address by logging into myIpswichFit and selecting ‘Manage My Details’ then ‘Change My Email Address’. A confirmation link will be sent to your new email address. 

Can I cancel sessions that I've booked on myIpswichFit?

Members can cancel free sessions (i.e. no-cost activities that are included in your membership) by going to ‘Manage My Bookings’ on the Members Homepage. Please note if you have paid a fee for your activity you will need to complete a cancellation and refund request by going to https://www.ipswichfit.co.uk/manage-your-booking/  

I'm trying to book a session but I have an outstanding debt on my iCard. Can I pay this online?

Yes, you can pay your outstanding debts with Ipswich Fit by going to Outstanding Payments on the Members Homepage. If you believe you have a debt appearing on your account incorrectly, please contact us by going to www.ipswichfit.co.uk/contact-us 

When/How do I collect my iCard?

You can collect your iCard from one of our Centres when you first visit. Just speak to a member of our team at reception who will check your details and issue your iCard. You will then be able to use your iCard to swipe through our turnstiles and doors (if your membership gives you access) 

How many days in advance can I book my activities?

Bookings are available online and over the phone up to 7 days in advance, with bookings for the following week becoming available from midnight.  

I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Go to ‘Log In’ then select ‘Forgot Password’ and input your email address. You will then be emailed a link to reset your password. 

Do I need to re-register if I change my iCard number or membership type?

No – these changes will be automatically reflected in your online account so you can just continue to use the same username and password. 

Can I book/manage my swimming lessons through myIpswichFit?

No – you can’t currently use myIpswichFit to manage your Swimming Lessons. If you have any queries regarding Swimming Lessons you can contact our team by emailing swimming.courses@ipswich.gov.uk  


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