Parks & Recreational Space Locations

Below you will find a map of all of the meeting locations for the park activities running this summer, you can zoom in and see exactly where you need to be. 

We suggest planning to arrive at your destination atleast 15 minutes prior to your activity to allow for parking and booking in. We cannot gaurentee parking at any of these venues as they are public spaces and do not have specific parking allocated to them.

If you would like a closer look then below you will find an image of each park activities meeting location.

For wildlife sessions meeting locations click here.

Alexandra Park

Bourne Park

Bramford Lane Rec

Castle Hill Rec

Chantry Park

Christchurch Park

Cobham Road Rec

Dumbarton Road Rec

Gippeswyk Park

Holywells Park

Jubilee Park

Landseer Park

Murray Road Park

Newbury Road Park

Whitton Rec

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