Valid from Thursday 25th July 2019 until Sunday 1st September 2019.

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Summer Holidays 2019

This year, Ipswich residents living in IP1 – IP4 and aged 5-16 during the summer holidays can get FREE Summer Holiday iCards and enjoy over 400 holiday events and activities for FREE!

This offer is subject to eligibility criteria, please check if you are eligible BEFORE you apply.

Signed up for the Summer Holiday iCard before?
Check our FAQ’s before applying to see if you receive it automatically this year.

Never held an iCard? Sign up for a Summer Holiday bookings card by clicking below

What’s on?

Our Summer Holiday programme is accessible to everybody. Anyone with a Summer Holiday iCard can access the majority of our activities for FREE. The programme is jam-packed with over 400 exciting activities such as Xtreme Bubble Football, Sea Scooters, Junior Float Fit as well as our more traditional sports. Oh and plenty of rollerskating throughout the summer!

Booking Your Activity

You can book your activities from the 18th July

The quickest and easiest way to secure your place on our activities is by booking online. If you haven’t yet registered for online booking just click the Register for Online Booking button below and get yourself registered.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an iCard?

A Summer Holiday iCard is an Ipswich Borough Council membership card for use at Crown Pools, Fore St Pool, Gainsborough Sports Centre, Northgate Sports Centre, Whitton Sports Centre and Waterfront Gym.


Who is eligible?

Anybody aged 5-16 years old between 25th July – 31st August 2019 and resident or in foster care within the Borough of Ipswich in the postcode areas of IP1, IP2, IP3 or IP4.

Not Eligible?

Don’t worry you can still access our Jumpers 4 Goalposts programme, This Girl Can Swim, Tennis For Free and basketball sessions for FREE. Alternatively, you can purchase a Summer Holiday iCard for £14.50 (without the gym) or £17.50 (with the gym) and get access to unlimited swimming, racquet sports and the majority of the full summer programme. This works out at less than 35p a day.

You can also access the full programme with the majority of sessions costing £3 a session on a Pay as you Go basis.


What school you attend has no bearing on your eligibility. You need to meet the criteria under ‘Who is Eligible?’.

Sign Up

How can I apply?

If you have never had an iCard before or never had a Summer Holiday iCard, you can apply online at When you have completed the application you will receive a confirmation email that contains your Person Number. Please keep this safe as you will need this to collect your iCard and to make an online booking. You can collect your iCard from the centre you selected in the application form. You must bring proof of your address. Under 13s should be accompanied by an adult when collecting their card. Photos will be taken of the children and stored securely on our system for security purposes. All iCard holders must have photos taken and refusal to have a photo taken will mean your child will be unable to access the Summer Holiday iCard.

What if I already have an iCard on Direct Debit or pay annually?

If you already have an iCard you will not need to do anything more. Your existing iCard will still be valid and you can use the same card.

If you are a pay monthly member and meet the eligibility criteria outlined in these FAQs then 6 weeks will be credited from the direct debit runs, with August being free and 2 weeks credited back to you in September. You do not need to do anything more on this and it will be done automatically.

What if I had a Summer Holiday iCard last year?

You do not need to do anything. Anyone that received a Summer Holiday iCard last year and meets the eligibility criteria will automatically be enrolled in the scheme. You will have received an email or letter regarding this. If you had a card iCard last year you can come into one of our centres and pick up a new plastic card. If you have lost your card from last year we will issue you with a new one. You just need to collect this from a centre of your choice. If you haven’t received a letter or email and think you are eligible please contact us by emailing


Additionally, if you currently have a Bookings iCard and use it on a pay as you go basis and meet the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be enrolled and will receive an email or letter confirming this.


Does my iCard guarantee that I can take part in an activity?

No, all activities will be on a first come, first served basis. All activities can be booked in advance to avoid disappointment, please check for further details.

We recommend you do book in advance but if you don’t please arrive early for the activity to take advantage of any spaces available. The quickest and easiest way to book is online.

Book ahead policy

All sessions are bookable up to seven days in advance. You can book your place online.

Non-attendance at pre-booked activities

If on more than one occasion you fail to attend an activity for which you have made a booking with us and not notified us, your membership will be immediately cancelled.

Do you ever ask for ID?

We do have the right to ask for ID. The iCard entitles only the person named when it was activated to participate in the appropriate activities at Ipswich Borough Council sports centres and swimming pools.

Using My iCard

What can I use it for?

The iCard can be used for free entry and participation in the activities specified and at the Ipswich Borough Council sports centres detailed at You can find our full summer holiday programme there as well.


We strongly advise that you apply online and that you collect your iCard before Wednesday 25th July 2018 as after this date you may experience a delay in receiving your iCard.

When can I use my iCard?

You can apply for your iCard from Monday 17th June 2019. Your card will become active on Thursday 18th July which is when our bookings go live and you can start booking on activities. You will be able to access all activities including swimming from Thursday 25th July. The card will become invalid from Monday 2nd September.

What do I do if I lose my iCard?

If you lose your iCard during the holidays you can get a replacement for £3 at any of our centres.

Can I get in without my iCard?

In order to gain entry to our sites you need to have your iCard with you.

If you arrive and find that you have forgotten your iCard, please make your way to the reception desk where they will be able to issue you a temporary membership ticket that will be valid for an individual activity.

You will be required to verify certain account details and asked to provide appropriate ID. You will be required to sign the temporary ticket. If we notice that a number of these tickets are issued against your account, then we will be in touch.

Swimming pool admission

During busy periods in the swimming pools the management team will utilise a band admission control system to help ensure fair pool time to all customers. This will be done via the use of a coloured band issued at reception upon point of entry.

Bands are issued when the pool is busy and would limit users to a maximum of 90 minutes and a minimum of 60 minutes in the pool from the time that the last band of that colour is issued.


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