Here are some common questions about our swimming lessons.
Swimming Lessons
What age can my child start swimming lessons?
Our Hatchling lessons cater for children from 6 months of age. Read more about our Pre-School Lessons.
How do I know which level is appropriate for my child?

If you are still unsure please contact us on swimming.courses@ipswich.gov.uk to arrange a free assessment with one of our instructors.

Can I transfer to lessons at a different time/venue?

We will endeavoUr to accommodate all requests for course transfers provided that a space is available on the preferred course.

How long are swimming lessons?
Most lessons are 30 minutes long excluding Silver and Gold Challenges, Rookie Gold/Sport and Adult lessons which are 40 minutes long, Snorkelling lessons which are 45 minutes long and Honours level lessons which are 50 minutes long.
How much do swimming lessons cost?

All 30 minutes lessons, with the exception of Gosling and condensed Duckling lessons, are charged at £26.50 per month. Gosling lessons and Personalised Duckling lessons cost £32.50 per month due to the reduced class sizes and/or assistants required. Silver and Gold Challenges, Squads and Rookie Gold/Sport, Adult lessons, Snorkelling lessons and Honours lessons cost £32.50 per month.

Where do swimming lessons take place?
Swimming Lessons take place in the Teaching Pool and Competition Pool at Crown Pools and at Fore Street Pool.
How do I book/rebook swimming lessons?


Swimming lessons can be booked at any time at either Crown Pools, Fore Street Pool or by emailing swimming.courses@ipswich.gov.uk.

We require bank details for the direct debit at the time of booking.

We have continuous assessment in place so as soon as the student passes that stage they will be notified and able to move up to the next level.

How do I prepare my child for a lesson?

Please arrive at the venue approximately 10-15 minutes before the class is due to start to give you time to find your bearings and get changed. Proceed onto the poolside just before the lesson is due to begin.

Don’t forget:

Children should not swim on a full stomach; please don’t give your child anything substantial to eat one hour before your session.

If your child is feeling sickly, unwell or has an upset stomach it is not advised that they attend lessons.

Do lessons still run on bank holidays?

Yes, lessons do run on bank holidays. Please note that if you usually have a lesson in the afternoon/evening, the time of your lesson will change to allow for earlier bank holiday closing times. The adjusted time will be advised by the teacher. Morning lesson times are not affected.

Do lessons run during the school holidays?
The swimming lesson programme runs for 50 weeks per year only breaking for 2 weeks during the Christmas holidays.
How quickly will my child progress?

Speed of progression will vary depending on the swimmer and will be judged by the Swimming Instructor. Students will move up when they meet all of the skills criteria required for their current stage. You can see your child’s progress on the parent portal.


What if we miss a lesson?
Lesson fees are non-refundable where a pupil has missed lessons or decided to withdraw from the programme. In exceptional circumstances the management team may exercise discretion on refunds or credit notes but this would only be on production of a medical certificate or documentation from a medical centre, hospital or GP. A 20% administration charge may apply.
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